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Control, safety, and accuracy

The Tri-Gas Mixer is a digital CO2-O2 controller that mixes CO2, Air and N2 to the desired concentration ranging between 0-10% for both CO2 and O2, and at controlled pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig). Delivery pressure is easily regulated by adjusting the knob of the embedded pressure gauge. The device is equipped with a mixing tank to ensure the highest composition stability even when the required output flow is variable.

The Tri-Gas Mixer is compatible with any bench-top incubator available on the market. Models are available with maximum output flow rate of 1.5 L/min and 15 L/min. The actual flow rate delivered automatically adjusts to match the requirements of the connected equipment.


Key Features

  • User-friendly 4.3’’ touch screen interface
  • On board memory for data logging
  • Auto calibration with an external calibration gas
  • Automatic switch to backup cylinder upon alarm
  • 0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA analog output linear with the actual gas composition, for remote monitoring with an external data logger
  • Contact closure alarm
  • Auto diagnostic procedure


Web app allows

  • Remote access by user password
  • Alarm alert through email
  • Remote data access
  • Data history tables and charts


Tri-Gas Mixer 1.5LPM
Tri-Gas Mixer 1.5LPM
Output maximum flow rate 1.5 L/min 15 L/min
Output pressure 0-2 barg (0-30 psig) regulated with embedded pressure gauge
CO2 range   0-10% 
CO2 accuracy   ±0.1% 
CO2 sensor   Non Dispersive InfraRed detector (NDIR) 
O2 range   0-10% 
O2 accuracy   ±0.1% 
O2 sensor   Fluorescence-based optical 
CO2-O2-MODULE lifetime 5 years
Air compressor  AIR-COMPRESSOR-1.5 L   AIR-COMPRESSOR-CP3-15 L 
Mixer dimensions   270x140x325 mm 
Mixing tank size 5L    40 L 
 Input gas    CO2, N2, Air @ 1.4 barg (20 psig) above output pressure** 
  Calibration Gas @ 2.0 barg (29 psig) 
  Premixed backup gas @ 0.2 barg (3 psig) above output pressure*** 
Input gas connectors   Push to fit* 
Output gas connector   Stainless steel 1⁄4” compression tube fittings 
Switch over to backup cylinder  ✔  ✔
On board memory  ✔  ✔
Okolab CP3 app  ✔  ✔

* Tubes and connectors are 6 mm OD in Countries using metric system, 1⁄4 inch in the US and Countries using imperial system.
** Set at 2.4 barg if the output pressure is ≤ 1 barg.
*** Set at 0.2 barg above output pressure if the output pressure is ≤ 1 barg.

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