The CEROS II is a high performance sperm analyser at a lower price

Save Space, Save Money

If you have limited bench space, a limited budget, or both - the CEROS is the answer for your computer assisted semen analysis needs. Providing the same sperm analysis accuracy and detail of the IVOS II, the CEROS II is a cost-effective and space-saving alternative. Since the CEROS II processor is a separate unit from the optical component, the computer can be placed under the bench and out of the way.


  • A high speed computer
  • A negative phase contrast trinocular Zeiss microscope
  • A high resolution digital camera
  • A 24" widescreen monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard

Ease of Use

The CEROS II hardware and software have been designed to provide users with a system that offers high-end performance while maintaining its ease of use. The intuitive Windows-based software promotes fast learning and quickly increases the confidence level of users. With a minimum investment of time, even users unfamiliar with computers will be performing fast, accurate and reliable sperm analyses. You don’t need to be a computer expert to analyse sperm with the CEROS II.

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