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Laser Technology for Clinical Applications

The LYKOS® laser product provides:

  • Simple and Easy to Setup - no complicated installation and alignment procedure requiring engineer visit, reduces down time and costs from service visits. Can be sent to factory for repair/calibration no site visit needed.
  • Minimum exposure time – the HT lasers are fitted with a 300mW laser which can be fired for as little as 1 µS which reduces the exposure time and heat required to achieve the required result minimising exposure of the embryo outside of the target  area to damaging heat
  • Precision – Red-i targeting feature is supplied as standard allowing visualisation of laser target through the microscope eyepieces ensuring the laser fires exactly where required without any detrimental effects on the embryo
  • No Loss of Microscope features - keeps microscope ports free - enables microscope to remain fully functional for other applications, reducing equipment costs from having a microscope dedicated to laser work
  • Easy to use - Hands Free operation freeing users hands to control micromanipulator providing better control
  • Portablability - due to easy installation and setup can be switched from microscope to microscope simply and easily. or remove completely when not required
  • Accuracy - Seamless Video and image transfer provides clear high quality video and images in real time with no lagging, intermittent motion or resizing required allowing user to be more accurate and precise with laser operation
  • Closed System – Unlike the majority of laser systems used in ART the Lykos and Lykos DTS laser is full enclosed in the optic housing preventing contamination from dust or humidity

Laser and RED-i® Target Locator  

The RED-i® speeds workflow by allowing you to position the cell under the laser beam without looking at the monitor.

  • Built into the LYKOS® laser objective
  • Red LED indicator spot visible through microscope eyepieces
  • Adjustable brightness level
  • Always remains in focus
  • Safe for your Eyes, Laser is NOT transmitted through eyepieces
  • Simple alignment process

Multi-Pulse Feature for the LYKOS® Laser System

The Multi-Pulse software gives our lasers an automated, precise tool that enables rapid trophectoderm biopsy.

The Multi-Pulse feature provides rapid, repeated firing of the laser to facilitate removal of cells from an embryo during the trophectoderm biopsy process. Trophectoderm biopsy is considered one of the best methods used to remove cells from the embryos of patients undergoing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to screen for genetic disease or aneuploidy.

Prior to release of the Multi-pulse software, individual laser shots were required to weaken or break the junctions between the trophectoderm cells so that they can be aspirated into the biopsy micropipette. The significant advantage of Multi-Pulse is that one press of the remote footswitch initiates multiple laser pulses in rapid succession for fast and easy cell separation, thereby limiting the amount of time the embryo spends outside the incubator.

Professor Barry Behr, Co-Director, REI/IVF Program, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, a long-time user of Hamilton Thorne lasers and a pioneer in trophectoderm biopsy, commented, “The Multi-Pulse capability, which provides the user with the ability to automatically fire the laser multiple times at relatively low power, will contribute significantly to the efficiency and safety of trophectoderm biopsy.”

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or a licensed healthcare practitioner trained and certified in its use. Laser-assisted hatching and laser-assisted biopsy are not recommended for use in all IVF patients. Please Note: For animal research and human stem cell applications, the HT Research Lasers should be used.

Product description
Product code
LYKOS  40X Fixed beam Desktop Digital FHT740026
LYKOS 40X Fixed beam Laptop Digital FHT740028
LYKOS 40X Fixed beam Digital No Computer FHT740065
Upgrade LYKOS v.5 to V6, Laptop, camera FHT730256
Upgrade LYKOS v.5 to V6, Desktop, camera FHT730255
Upgrade LYKOS v.5 to V6 camera & software FHT730254

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