Countless studies have shown that embryo development is compromised by not maintaining the required temperature and optimum PH of culture media. This is of utmost importance from the time of egg collection through to blastocyst stage and final embryo transfer. The Cell-Tek 3000 Microscope Chambers are a milestone in regard to the multiple tasks of egg pick-up, transfer, and assessment in the same chamber.

Cell-Tek chambers are an essential part of good laboratory practice when visually examining, manipulating, transferring or assessing oocytes and embryos for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

They provide:

  • Stable temperature control throughout the chamber including all internal components.
  • Controlled CO2 enriched environment maintaining optimum PH of tissue media.
  • VOC removal from circulated air by unique UV photocatalytic module.
  • HEPA & Carbon filtered airflow providing a clean room environment.
  • Humidification control to 70% RH.
  • Designed to accept configured microscopes to give ergonomic observation.
  • Programmable instrument height adjustment to quickly suite multiple operators.
  • Single fold down touch screen control of all parameters and performance.

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