Due to international restrictions regarding the safe transport of Lithium batteries, many products are no longer shipped with batteries fitted. In some cases the required batteries may be fitted by the end users but for many products the batteries may only be fitted by trained service personnel. The information below details which batteries may be fitted by end users and which will require the involvement of trained service personnel.


Kryo freezers: MRV controllers and Kryo-7xx

Installation must only be undertaken by suitably trained personnel. Refer to the service information sheets for details about how to fit the batteries.

MRV controller battery replacement:





DataCentre wireless sensors: FTEM02xxx and FTEM24xxx

Installation may be undertaken by the end user. Install the battery as below, ensuring that the correct polarity is maintained. 





Slide the battery into the top of the probe as shown above. Positive terminal first




Make sure the battery goes all the way into the housing and does not protrude




Use a flat head screw driver that is the same width as the slit on the cap. Twist the cap with the screw driver up to 150 cN.m until flush against the body housing.



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