Not to compromise on service excellence... 


While we know that the quality of our products is second to none, we do realise that components and systems can fail.

That is why we try and make the quality of our after sales and servicing as good as the quality of our products.

We have produced in excess of 10,000 standard equipment since 1973. There are users of Planer software and equipment in some ninety countries in the world - from Australia and Azerbaijan to Turkey and Zambia.

We build to exacting requirements and have received awards from the DTI for Innovation and Good Practice in Microelectronics. We are approved and assessed to the demanding standards of medical device manufacture: ISO13485:2016 & Medical Devices Directive, 93/42/EEC.

There are over seventy authorised Planer distributors around the world. Completion of a training course given by Planer personnel is necessary before a distributor is qualified to install and service equipment.

Planer’s products are distinguished by very high precision and great reliability and they can retain these characteristics for many years - provided they are maintained correctly and professionally serviced and repaired.

To maintain the operating level our customers need, factory trained technicians offer a number of options after warranty. In the UK and Eire contact Planer directly, elsewhere please see our distributor list and contact the local qualified representative who has had factory training with us. 


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