SepaSperm® Solution

A 100% stock solution used for separation of motile sperm from non-germ cells, immotile spermatozoa and seminal fluid using a density gradient method.


Main characteristics:

  • Designed to efficiently obtain clean sperm samples for ART without causing damage to the gametes
  • Selects a subpopulation of spermatozoa with good motility, viability and chromatin integrity
  • Needs to be diluted with a washing medium for the desired gradient system preparation
  • High purity shown by low endotoxin levels
  • HEPES buffered, suitable for use in ambient laboratory conditions


Order Code
Description Volume
  FDMSED100-20x5 SepaSperm® Solution 5x20 ml
  FDMSED100-50 50 ml
  FDMSED100-100 100 ml

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