Hypure™ Oil Heavy and Hypure™ Oil Light

Pre-washed paraffin oils for culture and IVF procedures. Our Hypure™ Oils can be used as an overlay for embryo culture, oocytes and sperm in ART and micromanipulation procedures. Available with different density and viscosity.


Main characteristics:

  • Allows small volumes of medium to be used as it prevents the evaporation of media
  • Maintains stable osmolality and pH in culture medium
  • Available in glass or PET bottles
  • Pharmaceutical grade quality paraffin oil
  • Hypure Oil™ Heavy is pre-washed and offers extensive protection and insulation
  • Hypure Oil™ Light is double-washed and allows easy pipetting
  • Hypure Oil Heavy will provide superior stability of pH, temperature and osmolality when used in non-humidified incubators, such as time-lapse systems, compared to light oils.
  • HypureTMOil Heavy and Light can be stored at room temperature (15-25 OC)
  • HypureTM Oil has a shelf life of 12 months (unopened) and can be used for up to 28 days once opened


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Order Code
Description Volume
FDM96011 MOHVD-100P Hypure™ Oil Heavy (plastic bottle) 100ml
FDM96015 MOHVD-500P Hypure™ Oil Heavy (plastic bottle) 500ml
FDM96000 MOLHD-100 Hypure™ Oil Light (glass bottle) 100ml
FDM96001 MOLHD-100P Hypure™ Oil Light (plastic bottle) 100ml
FDM96004 MOLHD-500 Hypure™ Oil Light (glass bottle) 500ml
FDM96005 MOLHD-500P Hypure™ Oil Light (plastic bottle) 500ml

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