Quality Documents

As a requirement of many of the new regulations you may require to operate service level agreements with your suppliers and you will certainly be required to obtain documentation of quality statements, conformity and approval. Planer plc are a Quality Assured company with accreditations to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 for the Design, manufacture and service of controlled rate freezers, incubators for medical applications and associated accessories, and have been assessed against the Medical Device Regulations 2002 and conform to the requirement for the products

CE Documents for all our controlled rate freezers and incubators are available on request.

Service Level Agreements

We also are willing to provide (subject to acceptance) a commitment to supply product for a fixed period, and a fixed price. Details of this and terms can be found in the document below. Print this form, complete and return it to us for review.

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The certificates for these accreditations and the company policy on Quality matters are available below:

ISO 13485 ISO 9001