Recent study endorses the Planer bench top incubatorCancer Research UK is the world's largest independent cancer research organisation. Like many researchers Mr Ian Rosewell, who works in Transgenic Services in the London Research Institute, had been using conventional large CO2 incubators for years to grow and maintain cultures of different strains of mouse embryos - vital to the work Cancer Research UK carries out.

Earlier this year Rosewell undertook a study aiming to compare the fertilisation rates using different incubators. The difference between the conventional 'big box' incubator and the precision Planer benchtop incubator was startling. In most case fertilisation rates more than doubled!

The new high accuracy, small incubator range from Planer should be of interest to anyone who is looking for better temperature control for their cells and cell lines. They can lead to both improved development of cells as well improved fertilisation rates.

The Planer BT37 and its stablemate, the INC-A20, provides extremely stable, controlled environments for cells and embryos via heated bases and lids. With a compact size of just over 20cm high, they are easy to place in a lab - even within cabinets. The dual chamber arrangement allows you process samples, lift lids and look in, independently.

A smaller environment and Gas Purge system means a much faster recovery rate after you open a lid, and the battery backup gives emergency power for up to two hours if electricity goes down. The incubators can be plugged straight into a PC or network to log and alarm all of the data, using Planer's Data Later software which can be purchase separately.

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