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DATAssure 433mHz Discontinuation FAQ’s

Last month Planer announced the discontinuation of the 433mHz version of DATAssure, this has led to some of our partners having some specific questions. We have taken the common questions from these enquiries and answered them below.

Q: What are the part numbers for the new 868mHz DATAssure?
A: The part numbers are the same as the old part numbers, except the frequency part of the code. (Example: GDDA-TEMP-DEW-0433 becomes GDDA-TEMP-DEW-0868).

Q: What are prices for the new 868mHz DATAssure?
A: Planer will send out new price lists (on request), however there is no change to the pricing between 433mHz and 868mHz.

Q: What does 868mHz offer in addition to the old 433mHz systems?
A: The 868mHz system enables some new features over the 433mhz version, including system mapping (showing all connected transmitters and sensors in a family-tree format), access to MyDataPortal which is a new user interface for customers managing more than one site, and some additional new features that are being launched late this year.

Q: Can DATAcentre 433mHz users still upgrade to DATAssure 433mHz and keep existing sensors?
A: Planer has very limited stock of 433mHz DATAssure base units, once these are sold, we will not be able to supply 433mHz base unit upgrades. Once these base units are gone, upgrades from DATAcentre to DATAssure will require a full system upgrade, including sensors and transmitter.

Q: Can DATAssure 433mHz users add new sensors to their existing system?
A: Yes. Planer will be supplying 433mHz transmitters and sensors for the next 5 years at least.

If you have any questions about the new 868mHz DATAssure, please contact Planer for assistance.


Suspicious Emails Reminder

Planer continue to encourage our customers and partners in alerting us to suspicious emails that appear to be coming from Planer, asking for: 

  • Changes to bank account payment details
  • Requests for outstanding invoices.

Partners can contact their Email administrators to find out if they use SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to help prevent illegitimate email reaching mailboxes.

If we do change our bank details in the future, these changes will be noted on all invoices AND on on our website. Please check here to confirm such changes.


Phil Crow from Planer Attends the REDLARA Congress

For the first time ever Planer  attended the REDLARA Congress which took place last month in Medellin, Columbia.

Red Lara is the largest IVF conference in South America, and this year was the largest on record. Usually the REDLARA team expect between 200-300 delegates from across the continent, however this years gathering had over 650 professionals from over 14 countries in South and Central America. Planer exhibited with our sister companies including IVFTech, Gynemed and Hamilton Thorne Inc. 

The conference gave a superb insight to the way South American countries approach IVF, with many distributors also visiting the exhibition, helping us understand the difficulties they have as suppliers in the region. Planer being new to the area in regards to IVF, gave Phil a chance to create new relationships with many of these people, from our existing distributors (for freezers), potential new distributors for the IVF market and many potential customers. We had on display, the CT37 Stax incubator and the DATAssure Monitoring System, which drew in a huge amount of interest from all visitors to the booth. The CT37 Stax was a strong product at this congress, showing end users that high capacity incubators don't have to take up an entire bench, or need to have their own cabinets; while DATAssure showed the importance of independent monitoring to potential customers who had not considered this in the past. The LN2 sensors were particularly interesting to everyone who came by. To finish, Phil would like to say thank you to everyone who made him feel very welcome in such a beautiful part of the world and we hope that Planer and our other Hamilton Thorne Group partners can continue to provide our products and services in South America.


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