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Manually controls the amount of suction applied to obtain the oocytes. ||Leak-free|| luer lock connection for ensuring the process. Needle with aspiration tube for syringe also available.

Its “Thin Wall” design offers, with the same external diameter, an increased internal diameter, allowing work with smaller needles. This reduces the possibility of bleeding and the risk of lesions in the uterine lining while minimising stress to the oocyte during aspiration. With the aim of minimising harm to the patient, Kitazato offers a full range of “Thin Wall” needles, offering gynecologists the widest range of diameters in the assisted reproduction sector, from 16G to 21G.

The Kitazato ovarian puncture needles have the following characteristics:

  • Tip with echogenic marking. Guarantees high visibility for the correct approach to the follicle during the puncture.
  • “Thin Wall” design. Provides a greater internal diameter. Reduces stress to the oocyte during aspiration and allows work with needles with smaller external diameter, reducing trauma to the patient.
  • Triple cut blade. Ensures fast and effective puncture which minimises lesions to tissue.
  • Handle with positioning marking. Provides control throughout the puncture process and helps to control the position of the needle blade.
  • Silicon bung with syringe connection for cleaning the follicle or cleaning the needle.
  • Different lengths available for aspiration tubes

Quality Control

  • MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay): One-cell assay ≥ 80% after 96 hours
  • Endotoxin: <20 EU/device
  • SAL 10-6
  • Sterelity test (Bacteria, Fungi)
  • Cytotoxicity Test
  • Intracutaneous Reactivity Test
  • Sensitization Test
  • Composition: Stainless Steel SUS304


Order Code
Gauge Length Aspiration Line
FDM310001 Manual Aspiration Luer Lock 20G 32.5cm -
FDM316001 Manual Aspiration Luer Lock 16G 32.5cm -
FDM317001 Manual Aspiration Luer Lock 17G 32.5cm -
FDM318001 Manual Aspiration Luer Lock 18G 32.5cm -
FDM319001 Manual Aspiration Luer Lock 19G 32.5cm -
FDM367350 Manual Aspiration Syringe 17G 35cm 60cm*

* Different lengths available for aspiration tubes

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