Wireless Dewar Monitoring

Ensuring that your samples are stored at the right temperature within your dewars has always been important but with the introduction of new legislation, such as the Human Tissue Act and the EU Tissue Directive, this is now essential.

To help you ensure that your samples are being stored under the correct conditions, Planer offers a simple and reliable wireless monitoring solution specifically designed for Liquid Nitrogen dewars, available as a wireless temperature sensor.

The sensor is attached to a stainless steel band which is formed to follow the internal contours of the dewar and is positioned between existing canisters. This means no cork drilling or strapping sensors to canisters. Installation can be done in situ without disrupting your samples.

The sensor is available for mounting to a wide range of dewars and utilises Pt100 platinum elements to provide the highest accuracy and stability.  Each sensor incorporates a wireless transmitter to send data back to either a Planer DATAcentre or MIDIcentre base unit; the DATAcentre can monitor up to 120 sensors and the MIDIcentre up to 20.

The sensor is available in a wide range of sizes; it is a Pt100 platinum sensor, accurate to 0.3°C. Pt100's are more accurate than other types and do not ‘drift’ (require calibration) so they stay 'accurate for longer'. The minimum that is needed is one sensor and one transmitter per dewar - plus a DATAcentre or a MIDIcentre to connect to.

Both the DATAcentre and MIDIcentre come with an LCD screen, visible and audible alarms and outputs to allow connection to an optional auto-dialler. Both units allow remote access so that your data is always accessible wherever you are.

Optional repeater modules are available to increase the transmission range of the base units so that even when you wheel your dewar away, you
can be confident that the data will continue to be collected. Should a wireless signal fail, the system can be set to alarm; unnecessary or 'false; alarms can be avoided by adding additional delays to the system.

  • Sensors +

    Each sensor comes with a transmitter which wirelessly connects to the main base unit (DATAcentre or MIDIcentre).

    The DATAcentre can take up to 120 sensors (wired or wireless) and the MIDIcentre can take up to 20 sensors (wireless only).

    Both the DATAcentre and MIDIcentre have a large transmission range with optional repeater modules available, so even when you wheel your dewar away you can be confident it can remain within wireless range of the receiver.

  • Downloads +

  • Features +

    • Platinum sensor
    • No cables
    • Individual alarm feature
  • Benefits +

    • Can move vessels easily
    • Easily fitted
    • Refill with sensor in place
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