• Features +

    • The wireless sensor forms a complete boxed unit with the internal sensor probe neatly set into the sidewall of the housing
    • The wireless sensor uses an in-built capacitive humidity sensor to detect moisture in the atmosphere
  • Specification +

    Temperature Sensor: Range -200°C to 100°C (PR101311-FTE)


    Temperature Sensor: Range -200°C to 100°C (PR102110-FTE)

  • Downloads +

    Click here to download the specification sheet

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  • Sensors +

    Each sensor comes with a transmitter which wirelessly connects to the main base unit (DATAcentre or MIDIcentre).

    The DATAcentre can take up to 120 sensors (wired or wireless) and the MIDIcentre can take up to 20 sensors (wireless only).

    Both the DATAcentre and MIDIcentre have a large transmission range with optional repeater modules available, so even when you wheel your dewar away you can be confident it can remain within wireless range of the receiver.

  • Downloads +

    DataSheet for Wireless Dewar Monitoring

  • Features +

    • Platinum sensor
    • No cables
    • Individual alarm feature
  • Benefits +

    • Can move vessels easily
    • Easily fitted
    • Refill with sensor in place
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  • Benefits +

    • Convenient with easy sample access
    • Single sample retrieval point is ergonomic: no reaching and stretching
    • Liquid reservoir below the sample platform can maintain temperature for more than 20 days in vapour use
    • Efficient thermal design gives high system surface area enclosed by vacuum
    • LN2 cost savings of up to 70% compared to standard storage units of equivalent capacity are possible
    • No extra aids required to lower and maintain temperature - as with some standard tanks
    • The HE Series achieves a very low running cost/sample
  • Features +

    • Offset neck design to maintain -150°C in vapor storage and provide low liquid nitrogen consumption with standard racks
    • Durable metal lid - designed for longer life
    • Rotating interior tray provides easy access to cryo biological samples
    • Low maintenance, all-stainless steel construction
    • Annular filling lines reduces frost and ice formation near lid
    • Tough, durable casters
    • Step-up platform available

  • Information +

    Download the HE Series data sheet here (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

    Right Cell, Right Result with Controlled-rate Freezing (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 283KB)


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