PR101546-FTE & GDTP10-03-MINCMonitor benchtop incubators or heated stages easily and reliably with our range of innovative and versatile temperature sensors. Designed to work with equipment without access ports, with an ultra-small footprint these sensors can be used with both wired and wireless alarm and monitoring systems – to provide precise and continuous temperature monitoring.

Benchtop incubator monitoring:

The small size of culture chamber found in benchtop incubators can make independent temperature measurement difficult. These temperature sensors include an ultra-thin connecting cable which can pass under the seal of an incubation chamber without
adversely affecting the gas concentration. The flat sensor head is in contact with the lower surface of the incubation chamber, giving users a precise indication
of the temperature samples are exposed to.

Surface temperature monitoring:

Comprising a small sensor head (6.35 x 13 x 1.3mm) and a thin connecting cable, this sensor is ideally suited to the monitoring of heated surfaces without interfering
with workflow. This type of sensor also benefits from being resistant to moisture and it can be partly submerged without affecting temperature readings. Users are
able to disinfect the sensor using alcohol, making it ideally suited for the monitoring of cell culture environments.

  • Can monitor equipment without access ports
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