Daily Report Viewer

The ReAssure Configure and Status unit provides a daily report containing all of the past day's sensor readings. This report is provided as a XML file, which can be difficult to comprehend without a dedicated XML file reader. To help you view the files, Planer has provided a free reader that will allow you to view the daily report in a more user-friendly format. Before you download the viewer, please read the Terms of Use. You can download the latest version of the viewer by using the link below.

Once you have downloaded the file, download.zip, unzip it into a suitable location on your PC. Instructions are contained within the ZIP file and also in the online About section.

Because the file is a support tool that may not have been downloaded many times, the Google Chrome™ browser may show a warning that the download is uncommon.

If you receive this message, click on the arrow at the right,

and then select Keep.