• Compatible with all brands of tanksCryoFill
  • Compatible with ReAssure
  • Allows one fill all fill between different tanks
  • Touchscreen
  • Log data from controller

The CryoFill controls and monitors the liquid nitrogen level with in a cryogenic storage vessel. One of the unique features of the CryoFill is that it has multiple measurement techniques, so it can be combined within almost every storage vessel on the market. 

In the world of cryogenic controllers and filling units th ere are two industry standards for measuring the liquid nitrogen level . The simple ' four point l evel sensor' or ‘pressure differe ntial measurement'. They each have advantages and disadvantages. 

New automatic filling controller has been developed for biological storage vessels which can operate with both standards.


The status, settings, events and alarms of the controller are displayed on a TFT touchscreen display and are very easy to read. The alarm is displayed in a different colour on the TFT display for easy recognition and an audible alarm ca n also sound. The user interface of the controller is very user friendly and information is easily accessible and readable.

The controller can be used for the biological storage in liquid nitrogen, conventional gas phase and / or in the so called “Dry” gas phase with an absolute separation between the samples and liquid nitrogen. It can also be easily retrofitted to existing biological storage vessels of any brand or type.

  • Downloads +

    Specification sheet

  • Features +

    Level measurement & control Temperature Measurement User interaction & alarm output
    PD: pressure differential sensor for real
    time level display (10mm accuracy)
    Real time level display (10mm accuracy) Via a TFT touch screen (320x240
    4P: Four negative temperature
    coefficient sensors (level: extra high, high, low and extra low)
    Two PT100 temperatures sensors with one degree accuracy (K/F/C) Visual on display level of Liquid
    Nitrogen + both probe temperatures in
    Two fill valve - safety Two point temperature sensor calibration Alarm visual in a different colour + with
    first help indications/options
    Two gas-bypass valve   Audible alarm
    Two point pressure differential
      NC/NO remote alarm, Ethernet /RS485
    alarm options


    Alarm types Communication Basic controllers options
    Level alarm high / low USB port for controller diagnostics Level read out and control - manual or automatic
    Temperature alarm high / low Two RS485 ports for communication with other controllers Temperature read out and alarm
    Fill time alarm One ethernet port for alarm/monitoring and or logging purposes Timed / One fill all fill / simultaneous and cascade filling options
    Usage alarm   Defog option / quick cool options
    Gas bypass time and or temperature alarm Logging Features Lid open alarm
    Sensor fault Logging files stored on SD card. Nitrogen and temperature levels, fill Liquid usage control
    Mains fault   Battery back-up
    Lid open alarm    


  • Benefits +

    • Compatible with all brands of tanks
    • Compatible with ReAssure
    • Allows one fill all fill between different tanks
    • Touchscreen
    • Log data from controller
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  • Kryo-Base-PRT7 +

    A Kryo-Base-PRT7 module, for instance, can accommodate up to seven separate Pt100 3-wire temperature measurement probes. With up to seven devices connected to a single module, a very cost-effective solution is provided. The modules automatically detect broken sensor wires and store maximum and minimum values measured over a given time.

  • Kryo-Base-Analogue +

    The Kryo-Base-Analogue module accommodates up to 8 analogue voltage or current inputs - for instance 4-20mA signals - and from a wide variety of sources such as temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, gas concentration etc.

  • Kryo-Base-Status +

    Kryo-Base-Status modules have the capacity for up to 6 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs which take the form of voltage-free contacts. Using this module door and lid switches, for instance, can easily be monitored and the Assure24seven system will retain a record of which rooms, freezers, vessels or even containers, have been accessed - how many times, for how long, and on which date etc.

    Because of the open nature of the Assure24seven system, and the ease with which users can scale and configure new variables, modules can be added at any future date, without the need for specialist programmers or expensive call-outs.

    Virtually any physical parameter, whether digital or analogue, can be measured and connected to the Assure24seven system, by means of these modules. For instance...

    * Temperature
    * Humidity
    * Pressure
    * liquid level
    * Oxygen gas concentration
    * Carbon Dioxide gas concentration
    * Particle Density

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