HE Series

Stainless steel construction provides the most durable environment for biological samples and with wide neck opening plus other advanced features this series is the first choice of laboratories worldwide: liquid nitrogen temperature storage for 4,000 vials to 56,000 vials.




  • Features +

    • One fill, all fill option available
    • TEC 3000 available
    • Metal lid construction
    • Tough, durable hinges
    • Annular filling lines to reduce frost and ice
    • Low maintenance, all stainless steel construction
    • Tough, durable casters
    • Optional vapour platform on some models
  • Benefits +

    • Designed for storage of either vials/straws on canes in liquid nitrogen
    • Strong build - for long life
    • Tough and durabile in service
    • Good ergonomics for sample retrieval
    • Dual lids on some models
    • Helps maintain critical temperatures inside storage area
    • Rotating tray in some models - allows for maximized storage space
  • Information +

    Download the MVE Series datasheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

    Right Cell, Right Result with Controlled-rate Freezing (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 283KB)

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