PetriSense® - Single sensor for monitoring of pH or CO2

Culture environment and incubator conditions are critical to the success of IVF clinics and many laboratories. Accurate pH measurement, inside incubators, has been difficult to achieve and the alternative, CO2 monitoring, is expensive and cumbersome. UNTIL NOW.

Monitor pH and/or CO2 in a variety of equipment with the latest monitoring innovation from Planer. This new sensor provides accurate measurements in benchtop incubators, environmental chambers and large incubators.

The new PetriSense® pH/CO2 sensor from Planer allows users to measure both CO2 and monitor the pH of established culture systems. The small sensor size (equivalent to a 35mm petri dish) combined with an ultra thin ribbon cable allows convenient measurement of CO2 levels in benchtop incubators, environmental chambers and large incubators, over period of time rather than the moment in time approach of conventional methods.

Using the established relationship between CO2 and pH, combined with characteristics of both the culture media and growth conditions, accurate pH values can be predicted without the expense or inconvenience of traditional methods.

Available as a fixed point monitor and alarm or a portable validation device, the PetriSense® pH/CO2 sensor provides flexibility and innovation to ensure optimal growth conditions.

  • Small 35mm petri dish sized sensor
  • Single portable validation unit or fixed alarm models.
  • Easy to install
  • Validate any incubator for optimum culture conditions
  • Cost effective solution compared to standard CO2 sensors
  • Monitor and alarm on CO2 or pH for rapid notification of potentially damaging changes in culture environment.
  • Connectable to existing alarm / monitoring system
  • Auditable data for regulatory compliance

Link to PetriSense® Portable Monitor

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