In the Kryo 750 you can store as standard straws, vials or blood bags.

For vials, the Kryo 750 can hold 4 x FZAMP196. Each FZAMP196 can hold 196 x 2ml vials. Total capacity of 784 x 2ml vials Vial Rack
For straws, the Kryo 750 can hold 22 x FZSTR38. Each FZSTR38 can hold 38 straws per rack. Total capacity of 836 x 0.25 or 0.5ml straws.

Straw Rack

For blood bags, the Kryo 750 can hold 1 x FZBBR-20 Rack which can hold 20 cassettes of varying size.

We offer blood bag cassettes for most manufacturers of blood bags and can suit most sizes. Please enquire.

Blood bag rack