ShipsLogA data logger for vapour shippers in transit - the Planer ShipsLog™

It keeps an accurate and down-loadable temperature history of samples over the duration of a transit.

The unit gives a temperature history for samples in vapour shippers - liquid nitrogen charged 'Dry Shippers' - and provides traceability for the temperature of the samples; it can be set to give alarms at set points during the transit period.



  • Background +

    The ShipsLog is widely used when valuable cryo frozen samples (pharmaceutical, medical or zoological) are transported by air, road or sea.

  • Benefits +

    The logger is programmable via PC software and the process can be started either via the PC software or via a magnetic swipe key. The key can be sent separately from the vapour shipper.

    Samples may be transported in the knowledge that on arrival at destination the recipient can quickly check, via the LED display, whether the temperature range has deviated from the pre set profile. In addition, the unit has:

    • Temperature alarms settable by user
    • High and low temperature alarms
    • Records of sample temperature
    • Soft or hard copy report options
    • Alarms trip points that can be set
    • A visual LED warning
    • Log intervals that can be set for each shipment
    • Alarm delays which are programmable
  • Features +

    • User programmable
    • Archiving facility for logged data
    • Hard disk or external drive
    • Print in graphical or tabular form
    • Specific segments can be printed
    • Probe accuracy of +/- 1.3°C at -200°C
    • Battery life of approximately 3 years
    • View current temperature via software
    • Software settings password protected


    • Analysis of the data can be made by the sender, the receiver or both
    • Temporary removal of cork and cover need not initiate alarm status
    • Logging intervals can be set from 30 seconds to 99 minutes
    • Store up to 8,192 entry logs
    • Available with a "flying lead" to record the temperature closer to sample area
  • Downloads +

    ShipsLog™ datalogger for vapour shippers (Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 417KB)

    ShipsLog Software

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