A stand alone monitoring and alarm system for most situations in the lab - DATAcentre

This economical system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, Oxygen (O2), door status -  and much more.

The system can connect to up to 120 transmitters in total, including a mixture up to 120 wireless sensors but a maximum of only 14 hard wired sensors.

Real time and historical data can be viewed in graphical or text format and alarms can be acknowledged and managed. Optionally the system may be connected directly to a PC or to a LAN port in the building.

  • Benefits +

    • Easy to install
    • Economic to purchase
    • View and acknowledge alarms easily
    • View data as graphics or text
    • Connect up to 120 sensors
    • Connect to a PC
    • Connect to a Local Area Network
  • Features +

    The system comes with a Base centre which can connect to up to 120 wireless sensors and up to 14 wired sensors. Multiple Base centres can be installed if required. The Base centre can store information itself and can have an optional SD card which stores data for up to 10 years.

    On the Base centre you can view real time and historical data in graphical or text format, view & acknowledge alarms as well as configure the unit. To configure you need to log in and have password privileges.

    As an option the Base centre may also be connected directly to a PC or to a LAN port in the building. This allows remote access to the unit via a web browser; either locally or anywhere in the world.  Using a web browser you can connect to the Base centre to have an overview of how the system is operating with links to all other functions.

  • Background +

    Smaller monitoring and alarm systems such as this are needed in many labs in areas such as:

    • Biobanks
    • Hospital labs
    • Tissue banks
    • Vets' labs
    • IVF labs
    • Pharmas and research labs

    Increasingly they are required by insurers and regulatory bodies. A very wide range of monitoring alarm situations are available, from temperature monitoring systems, fridge door opening, liquid nitrogen storage monitoring, to oxygen, CO2 or humidity. Alerts and  reports can be delivered by email giving full details of status.

    See: Quality and Risk Management in the IVF Laboratory; David Mortimer, Sharon Mortimer; Cambridge University Press  ISBN 9780521843492

    Right Cell, Right Result with Controlled-rate Freezing (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 283KB)

    CASE STUDY - 24 hour monitoring and alarms (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 270KB)

    CASE STUDIES IVF Unit needing 24 hour monitoring, alarms and reporting (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 70KB)

  • Demo +

    For a web interface demonstration please go to our DATAcentre demo, using username of 'Demo' and password of '1234'

    Please be aware that a maximum of 5 users can login at once.

    Only some of the features are available with this low level accessed user name and password. The set up features and more advanced features can only be access with a higher level password which Planer have not provided for the purpose of this demo

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