Autologous bone marrow transplants for patients undergoing chemotherapy have been growing in importance in Europe, Japan and the Far East. However developing countries have often lacked the resources necessary for this kind of intervention.

It is pleasing therefore that Mr Nicolae Tarcea reports that the first such transplant was made in Romania on 5th of June 2001, by a team from the Paediatrics Clinic in Timisoara. The operation was carried out by Prof. Margit Serban and Mr. Virgil Paunescu and the medical centre there used a Planer programmable rate freezer with a 16 litre capacity which had been installed in September 2000.

The transplant was made in collaboration with a team of doctors from the Medullar Transplant Centre from Miskolc in Hungary, a nearby centre with good experience in this discipline and the team was supervised by Prof. Nagy Kalman.

The transplant was made for a twelve year old child diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, who had two previous relapses on record. The operation appears to have been successful, the first signs of grafting appearing after ten days post transplant. The child is said to be feeling well, and the indications are hopeful.

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