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First Frozen Bone Marrow Transplant in Romania
Child born after 21 year semen storage using Planer controlled rate freezer
Scottish Eagle born from frozen sperm
Homograft Valve Bank: Our Experience in Valve Banking
Stem Cells: All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Second frozen ovarian tissue transplant
Cryopreservation to Support Biodiversity
Another Birth From Frozen Ovarian Tissue
December 2005 Distributor Meeting
Ovary Transplant Birth Due To 'Egg Stem Cells'?
A four month old girl’s life has been saved by blood cryo-preserved from the umbilical cord of a baby born two years ago
Cryo Banking and Cord Blood Storage
'Twins' born 16 years apart
US and UK collaboration on Type 1 Diabetes with stem cells
A new embryo cryopreservation method which increases post-thaw survival and implantation
The outcome of Laser Assisted Hatching on Pregnancy Rate in fresh and frozen thawed cycles
Five years of single embryo transfer SET
Riken in Japan - New source of oocytes for Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer?
Unique Vaccine Freezer for drug production
Light Activated Targeted Antibody Cancer Therapy
Stem Cells Creating Insulin Producing Cells
Child born with parent’s semen stored for 22 years
New venture for therapy with cord blood and adult stem cells
New Study Shows Frozen Embryos Better Than Fresh For IVF
Commentary in BioNews On Line: 3 Nov 2008, by Dr Peter Hollands, University of Westminster
Frozen IVF embryos produce healthier children, researchers claim: Times on Line
Worse health for IVF twins but no harm in embryo freezing
ICSI or IVF: Babies born from frozen embryos do just as well
India's first frozen oocyte baby born in a Chennai hospital
Second baby for former cancer patient after frozen tissue transplant
Distributors Meeting held in Rome, July 2010
Internships at Planer PLC

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