We’d like to thank all the people that visited the Planer booth at the recent American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Congress in Baltimore. We had the busiest most successful ASRM we have ever had with a huge amount of interest in alarms and the Portable Petri Dish pH/CO2 Sensor.

The pH level has long been considered one of the most important parameters to determine a successful outcome of the incubation of biologicals: large changes in pH can result in degradation and loss of samples. Tracking pH over time will help determine the stability
 and quality of the sample being incubated. Whether measuring the pH of media in conjunction with in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures, platelets used in critical transfusions or stem cell manufacturing for personalised cancer treatments, pH is the trusted
indicator. The new sensor allows laboratories to monitor the pH and CO2 inside the incubator without the need for disturbing the biological sample - and so allows the sample to remain in optimal conditions.

For more details regarding the new Petri dish pH/CO2 sensor along with the full range of Planer products can be found here on our website or by contacting your local Planer distributor.

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