It is always good to hear of success stories in assisted reproduction and this news of a birth against the odds comes from Bath Fertility - users of our BT 37 incubator (see photo). Kitty Dimbleby had numerous bowel surgical interventions as a baby, as a child and as a teenager,  stemming from her Hirschsprung's Disease. This left her with scar tissue potentially blocking her fallopian tubes. After marriage, when she and her partner struggled to conceive, the GP referred her for tests - which were cautiously positive. She commenced the not insignificant IVF process  - hormone suppressants and fertility injections - to produce eggs to be laboratory fertilised. Two viable blastocysts resulted, one of which was implanted and the second frozen. Kitty had a very difficult pregnancy: swelling and anaemia leading to two transfusions along with serious bowel problems. Subsequent tests then showed high blood pressure, liver enzymes elevated and platelets low which indicated severe pre-eclampsia. After an emergency  Caesarian section a daughter, Chloe was born -  a month early and weighing only 4 lbs 9oz.

You can read the whole story at:

Our incubators at Bath Fertility

ASRM 2013Come and visit us at booth #801 during ASRM in Boston, USA October 12-16 October. Please come and see how we can help you in your lab. We'll be demonstrating our products including ...

  • pH logger
  • CO2 monitoring for benchtop incubators
  • Monitoring, Alarm and Reporting software
  • Sample Tracking systems

Come and try the products hands on, and find out everything you need to know about our products!
Pop over if you have any technical questions you'd like to ask about our existing products - we'd love to help in any way we can.

iPad Mini CompetitionAs part of the introduction of our new monitoring system last month we ran a competition to win an iPad mini.
We had loads of entries and Ravi (pictured here on the right) drew the lucky winner's name from a virtual hat.
The winner, Mr Daniel Biggs who works for Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford is seen receiving it (he's the one grinning broadly!)

The new monitoring and alarm solution, ReAssure, is made to fit in large and small labs and the iPad Mini is one of the many devices on which people can view their monitoring data.

The system gives scalable, secure and compliant monitoring - with from 1 to a 1000 laboratory devices.
It has sensor options, including per chamber CO2 monitoring for benchtop incubators and also has -

  • New Fluorescent based pH sensing for large incubators
  • Integration of cryogenic vessel controllers e.g. TEC3000 and Cryofill
  • Single click exception reporting of alarm events and associated annotations

Pro-curo is a new, off the shelf sample tracking and management solution offered by Planer.  The software package is designed to be quick, easy and intuitive to use. With graphical and list views, bar-coding & label printing to compatibility with iPads and mobile devices, it is an affordable, simple choice for small to large labs -  from one site to dozens! This new software should gradually replace our KryoTrak software, giving users a new and more user friendly experience.

No intense training is required to use the software. As well as having the Planer team and distributors there to support you, there are on-line videos plus the dedicated Pro-curo Software ltd team with a 24/7 telephone help desk, internet forums, blogs and other social media feeds.  With over 120 users in 2013, and testimonials to back up its benefits, decision making for storage software has just got easier!


The Pro-curo system has the ability to create labels with bar-coded information on them and can easily integrate with standard labelling solutions. On top of this it also has the ability to integrate with flatbed scanners - whether single or multiple readers. It also has the ability to import current sample information so there should be no worries about having to re-enter sample information.

Although Pro-curo is an off the shelf package we realise that your use of the software will be unique. Backed by us and Pro-curo Software ltd, you will have the ability to design and customise your own location structure to suit your facility, define the information you want to include about your samples by project and even add your own mass measurement types.

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