Frozen embryo babies heavier and healthierThe BBC have recently written about a study undertaken by the British Fertility Society, who have presented findings that show babies from frozen embryos being heavier and healthier than their fresh counterparts.

The BBC article, (see here for full article), which shows an image of an IVF technician using a Planer freezer, explains that although the reasons behind the finding are still unclear, the results clearly showed that transferring frozen embryos may lead to healthier babies.

This study backs up another piece of research which Planer wrote about in 2008 - New Study Shows Frozen Embryos Better Than Fresh For IVF. This research was reported by Dr Anja Pinborg at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Barcelona. This study found that babies born from frozen embryos that were thawed and implanted had a higher birth weight, were less likely to be twins or triplets and had no increased risk of abnormalities, when compared to babies born from fresh embryos.

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