ISTT Florida ReviewThe International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) is the annual show for members who work on genetic research in the biology, biomedicine and biotechnology disciplines. This year it was held at St Pete's Beach in Florida, and Planer were there exhibiting our benchtop incubators, freezers and alarm system.

It was the first time the ISTT members had really had a chance to examine the new Planer bench top incubators. Both our BT37 mini incubator and INC-A20 proved extremely popular with all. We were also handing out our new case study, featuring the investigation Cancer Research UK undertook with our benchtop incubator. The research showed great improvements in fertilisation rates when comparing the Planer BT37 against large conventional incubators. This case study is also available to download on our website: As well as our incubators, people were also very impressed with the DATAcentre alarm systems.

After the show and conference dinner on the beach, the fun began; Ravi took the floor to show off his DJ skills and then when things flagged a little, started a conga line! You'll be glad to hear we'll be there at the next show in China!

More information on the ISTT meeting can be found here:

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