University College LondonEva Puschmann is undertaking three years research into novel cryopreservation methods for the bio-artificial liver project at University College London. Planer are helping with finance for her PhD under the IMPACT scheme which links the best UCL research expertise with progressive science and technology companies.

Amongst other techniques, Eva will be using the controlled vitrification machine - the Liquidus Tracker - in the search for a solution to cooling densely packed, large volumes of the specially treated liver cells down to cryogenic temperatures whilst avoiding ice nucleation - the principle underpinning liquidus tracking. It is hoped the machine's programmed increase in cryoprotectant concentration and linked cooling profile rates should prevent supercooling and allow the whole volume to remain just above the liquidus curve.

Eva Puschmann is originally from Mainz, Germany but now resides in London. She brings her all-round scientific experience from exposure in academic labs including the University of Chile, the Clinical Centre Mannheim, the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), as well as industrial labs including Boehringer Ingelheim, Orpegen Pharma and Abbott Diagnostic, giving her the skills and experience necessary to ‘hit the ground running’.

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