Launch of a Wireless Dewar LN2 AlarmIt has always been important to ensure your samples are kept at the right temperatures within dewars; and that you’re aware of how your specimen is performing; and how much liquid nitrogen is left! The introduction of the new Human Tissue Act and the EU Tissue Directive makes these doubly so. Responding to this new legislation, Planer have just launched a product which will be of great interest to the 'guardians' of liquid nitrogen dewars/tanks who want to sleep soundly at night!

The Wireless Dewar LN2 Alarm is a new alarm/monitoring system which gives you the flexibility of being able to move your dewars or tanks with ease. The sensor fits easily around the ‘cork’, making refilling a simple task. Being wireless means that there are no cables to get caught or pulled out if your dewar has to be moved. Also, any strapping of sensors to canisters, which often cause disruption to samples, is avoided.

Each sensor comes with a transmitter which wirelessly connects to the “DATAcentre” base unit – and has the benefit of a large transmission range. Being wireless, it also allows remote access, so your data is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

The sensor is available for mounting to most dewars and utilises platinum elements giving you high accuracy and stability. Platinum thermometers are more accurate than other thermometer types and do not ‘drift’ as much, so they stay accurate for longer. The minimum requirement for this solution is one sensor and one transmitter per dewar - plus a DATAcentre to connect to.

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