Award for Eva Puschmann’s Liquidus Tracking ResearchEarlier in the year we wrote about University College London (UCL) PhD student Eva Puschmann. Planer are helping with finance for her PhD under the IMPACT scheme which links the best UCL research expertise with progressive science and technology companies. Eva is undertaking three years research into novel cryopreservation methods for the bio-artificial liver project at University College London.

At December’s Pearce Gould Professorship meeting, Eva was awarded the presentation prize for her work on Liquidus Tracking. This is an annual award within the Division of Surgery & Interventional Science encompassing  the various University College London Medical School and hospital sites and takes place over two 2 days. Research students give short presentations to be judged by the nominated professor. Eva was the winner for the 2nd day session and the award was conferred by the Pearce Gould Professor for 2011, Professor Keith Rolles.

For more information please see:
 UCL News

Frozen embryo babies heavier and healthierThe BBC have recently written about a study undertaken by the British Fertility Society, who have presented findings that show babies from frozen embryos being heavier and healthier than their fresh counterparts.

The BBC article, (see here for full article), which shows an image of an IVF technician using a Planer freezer, explains that although the reasons behind the finding are still unclear, the results clearly showed that transferring frozen embryos may lead to healthier babies.

This study backs up another piece of research which Planer wrote about in 2008 - New Study Shows Frozen Embryos Better Than Fresh For IVF. This research was reported by Dr Anja Pinborg at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Barcelona. This study found that babies born from frozen embryos that were thawed and implanted had a higher birth weight, were less likely to be twins or triplets and had no increased risk of abnormalities, when compared to babies born from fresh embryos.

For more information on our range of freezers, please visit to the Planer Cryo Freezer page.

ISTT Florida ReviewThe International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) is the annual show for members who work on genetic research in the biology, biomedicine and biotechnology disciplines. This year it was held at St Pete's Beach in Florida, and Planer were there exhibiting our benchtop incubators, freezers and alarm system.

It was the first time the ISTT members had really had a chance to examine the new Planer bench top incubators. Both our BT37 mini incubator and INC-A20 proved extremely popular with all. We were also handing out our new case study, featuring the investigation Cancer Research UK undertook with our benchtop incubator. The research showed great improvements in fertilisation rates when comparing the Planer BT37 against large conventional incubators. This case study is also available to download on our website: As well as our incubators, people were also very impressed with the DATAcentre alarm systems.

After the show and conference dinner on the beach, the fun began; Ravi took the floor to show off his DJ skills and then when things flagged a little, started a conga line! You'll be glad to hear we'll be there at the next show in China!

More information on the ISTT meeting can be found here:

ASRM Orlando ReviewThis October, Planer set off to 67th ASRM Annual Meeting which was held in Orlando, USA for the first time. Over the five days we showcased our latest and most useful products for the IVF industry.

As well as demonstrating our controlled rate freezers and incubators, we also showcased our DATAcentre, which gathered lot of interest. A stand alone monitoring and alarm system for most situations in the lab, the Planer DATAcentre is our newest product. This economical system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, O2, door status - and much more (find out more:

The ASRM was held in Florida and as expected the weather was fantastic. Highlights of the show included a basketball stand and massage stand – fantastic for both exhibitors and delegates! Those wanting to take advantage of the local theme parks could also buy their tickets at the conference too!

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