InternsLucy and Julie have just finished an eight week Internship in the Planer Sales Department. They arrived from Paris a little apprehensively at the end of April 2010 and stayed through May to June. Julie and Lucy were doing a module for their exams, under SIEC, l'académie de Créteil-Paris-Versailles, for their International Trade studies section.

This required them to complete an eight week internship in a foreign company; this was needed to complete their first year course.

The course is a commercial one so they were required to find out about procedures, legal framework, production, sales and the general mechanics of shipping scientific equipment round the world. Also "to look for new customers in a new market".

Help with looking for new customers is always welcome here - however the second task was rather harder since we export to 90 countries.

However the girls soon settled in and rose to the challenge! And they didn't take the easy way out by trying to sell to France!

By the time they went back their English was much improved and hopefully they know some of the background to running a busy manufacturing company.

In the picture, left to right: Ravi, Lucy, Julie and Nick

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