ASRM 2021 Baltimore 17th - 20th October“Reproduction Reimagined” is the theme for the 2021 Scientific Congress of the America Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). This year’s event will feature many leading experts, who will present on a range of cutting-edge reproductive medicine topics - from puberty to menopause.

The 2021 meeting will be a hybrid event, with two ways to participate. There will be the onsite congress and exhibition in Baltimore (17th – 20th October) with on-demand content also available from the 18th October to 31st December.

Planer’s sister firm, Hamilton Thorne will be exhibiting at ASRM 2021. If you are planning to visit the exhibition, why not drop by Booth 2231 to find out more about our CT37staxTM multi chamber benchtop incubator and our DATAssureTM laboratory alarm and monitoring system.

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ASRM 2021
CT37staxTM benchtop incubator
DATAssureTM laboratory alarm and monitoring systems

Planer is delighted to now be the UK distributor for ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems from Hamilton Thorne. The range includes three main products: an air purification unit for ART laboratories, an air purification unit for pathology laboratories and an extremely efficient in-duct medical laboratory purification system.

 A laboratory’s results as well as on the health of laboratory workers can be directly affected by air pollutants, dust particles, mould spores, dander, pollen, dust mites, cleaning chemicals, volatile organic compounds, chemically active compounds, aldehydes, carcinogenic materials, carbon monoxide, viruses and bacteria. The ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems are designed to effectively filtrate these from the air in laboratories. 

Air purification units for ART & pathology laboratories

The 100C air purification unit is suitable for ART laboratories and whilst the 100P air purification unit is designed the meet the rigorous demands of pathology laboratories. Both units incorporate a four-step process:-

  • Adsorb toxic chemicals and gases
  • Higher adsorption of volatile organic compounds and chemically active compounds (100P) or removal of micro-particles with hospital grade HEPA filter (100C)
  • Photo-catalytic oxidation to destroy toxic chemicals and eliminate odours from the air
  • Ultra-violet light


In-duct purification system for superior air quality in medical laboratories

The PCOC™3 is the ultimate fixed system for highly efficient air purification in medical laboratories and other facilities which have extreme demands on superior air quality. The units are fitted directly into your ventilation system.

PHOTO-CATALYTIC OXIDIZING (PCO) technology converts and neutralizes volatile organic compounds, odours, fumes, and toxic chemicals to benign water and carbon dioxide by-products. 

The efficiency of the process is increased by placing three PCO chambers sequentially in a single frame which increases the ‘dwelling time’ of the airstream through the PCOC™3 equipment. 

If you would like to find out more about the ZANDAIR™ Air Purification Systems, please get in touch with the Planer team.

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ZANDAIR™ 100C Air purification unit for ART
ZANDAIR™ 100P Air Purification Unit for Pathology
ZANDAIR™ PCOC™3 Air Purification Unit


Narishige TAKANOME 4 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic MicromanipulatorPlaner are pleased to announce that the Narishige range of micromanipulators and microinjectors are now available from Planer in the UK.

The Narishige high-precision micromanipulators are used by IVF specialists worldwide for in vitro fertilisation procedures including ICSI and biopsy. Committed to making micromanipulation as easy and accurate as possible, Narishige offers a wide range of products including microscope adaptors and complementary accessories. The Narishige range includes the TAKANOME™ and SETAGAYA Micromanipulators and pneumatic or oil Injectors.

TAKANOME™ 4 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

This an optimal manipulator designed specifically for handling suspension cells. The Takanome™ micromanipulator provides:-

  • Quick and simple pipette setting
  • Innovative pipette angle adjustment centred at the tip to stay in view
  • Simple and reliable motion from Home to Working position for quick and easy sample dish change
  • Simple installation
  • Narishige’s original smooth hydraulic operation

SETAGAYA 3 axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

The Setagaya micromanipulator features an oil hydraulic joystick enabling smooth three-dimensional movement with a single lever. Can be used in conjunction with either a manual or motorised manipulator.

Pneumatic Injector

The Narishige Pneumatic Injector provides a smooth and comfortable pneumatic control for both injecting and holding sides of a micro sample, with high precision and operability comparable to oil hydraulic injectors. The microinjector enables both coarse and fine movement operation. The introduction of a long syringe with a coarse-fine coaxial control knob helps achieve a wide range of pressure changeability.

Oil Injector

This quick response microinjector uses oil as mediator transmitting pressure suitable for procedures such as sperm injection and holding of an oocyte. This compact designed injector comes equipped with advanced functions that makes easier to fill oil and remove air-bubbles.

Find out more

Take a look at the range available from Planer or get in touch with our sales team.

Recently, the importance of monitoring and safety of cryogenic storage of biological samples has been in the news. Perhaps now is a good time to review your alarms and monitoring systems?

Back-up system to alert you to potential problems

The Planer DATAssure™ Alarm and Monitoring system can provide truly independent monitoring and alarms for multiple different parameters in all the equipment, reducing the reliance on safety systems built into the equipment itself and providing the reassurance of having a back-up system to alert you to potential problems even if the equipment’s own protection or control system stops operating.

Take corrective before possible loss of samples

The DATAssure™ sensors range includes a number of options for the monitoring of internal dewar temperature and with certain products liquid nitrogen (LN2) level. DATAssure™ can provide alerts resulting from temperature rises and/or low LN2 level (depending on probe used), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling corrective action to be taken before any potential loss of samples.

Monitoring temperature and LN2 levels in dewars

There are a range of different options for monitoring temperature and/or the LN2 level in dewars, including standard temperature probes and flat ribbon probes.

Standard Dewar Temperature Probe (Straight)

A PT1000 temperature probe with a stiff 370mm stainless steel sheath. This probe requires a hole to be drilled through the middle of the dewar lid for the probe to be fixed in so that the probe sticks out below the dewar lid enabling it to monitor the temperature inside the top of the dewar.

As the probe will be protruding out on the underside of the lid it does require the dewar lid to be lifted carefully straight upwards until probe is clear of rim to gain access to the canisters within the dewar.

Standard Dewar Temperature Probe (Curved)

Standard dewar probe - curved

A PT1000 temperature probe inside a 1500mm flexible stainless steel sheath. The tip of the probe can be placed at any height within the dewar, ideally just above the level of LN2 when the dewar is full and the sheath can be bent around the shape of the dewar and lid to connect to the wireless transmitter on the outside of the dewar. The probe is not secured to the dewar but does require some modification to the dewar lid during installation. Unlike the stiff straight probe the curved probe does enable removal of the samples canisters without interference or removal of the probe.

Premium Dewar Temperature Probe

 Premium Dewar Temperature ProbeA flat ribbon PT100 temperature probe fixed to a thin stainless steel strip which can be bent to match the shape of the dewar neck allowing the probe to be positioned just above the level of LN2 when the dewar is full. Probe connector is fixed to dewar rim to probe a secure connection to external DATAssure™ transmitter.

The flat sensor and strip provides uninterrupted access of canisters in and out of the dewar without the need for removing the probe from the dewar. This probe is available in two lengths 600mm for dewars up to 50 litres in capacity and 750mm (LG) for dewars over 50 litres capacity.

Premium Dewar Combined Temperature and Level Probe

Premium Dewar Combined Temperature and Level Proble

A flat ribbon PT100 temperature probe with two temperature sensors on the end of the probe 20mm apart. The temperature and level probe is fixed to a thin stainless steel strip which can be bent to match the shape of the dewar neck allowing the top sensor (which monitors the temperature inside the dewar) to be positioned just above the level of LN2, and the second sensor (which monitors LN2 level) to be positioned just inside the LN2 in the dewar when full. This probe will provide alerts when either the LN2 level in the dewar drops too far and refilling is required or when the temperature in the dewar rises too high, providing the most comprehensive protection in a single probe.

The probe connector is fixed to dewar rim to probe a secure connection to external DATAssure™ transmitter and power pack (pictured here). The flat sensor and strip allows uninterrupted access of canisters in and out of the dewar without removal of the probe. This probe is available in two lengths 600mm for dewars up to 50 litres in capacity and 750mm (LG) for dewars over 50 litres capacity.

What do the DATAssure™ sensor kits include?

All DATAssure™ sensor kits include the probe (the probe varies depending on the kit chosen), transmitter (433MHz or 2.4GHz frequency) and securing bracket for the transmitter. Transmitters require a 3.6V Lithium AA cell (not supplied with kit).

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Full details of the DATAssure™ alarm and monitoring system can be found on the Planer website
For further information about our DATAssure™ sensor kits please contact our sales team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Hamilton Thorne Group continues to expand with the acquisition of IVFtech ApS and K4 Technology ApS, announced on 15th July 2021.

IVFtech, based in Birkerød, Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of laminar flow workstations, high-capacity incubators, and related products for the ART and laboratory markets worldwide. This acquisition significantly expands Hamilton Thorne’s expertise and product range in IVF workstations worldwide and enhances its ability to offer complete solutions.

K4, IVFtech’s affiliate company, which provides product sales and services in the Nordic Region, will deliver a direct sales and support platform for the entire Hamilton Thorne portfolio of assisted reproductive therapy products in the Nordic region.

The Planer team looks forward to working with IVF tech and K4 to develop collaborative operations in the Nordic region, Australia and in the UK and to expand the product offering and support capabilities for both companies worldwide.



We are pleased to continue to support assisted reproductive clinicians and researchers around the globe by exhibiting at ESHRE's 37th Annual meeting, which takes place online from 26th June until 1st July 2021. This important continuing medical education meeting brings together and compares the global approaches and technologies for the diagnosis and treatment in the reproductive healthcare sector.

The virtual format, which has rapidly become the norm for all medical congresses, has already proved its potential for delivering content, not merely as a second best but now as the leading interim platform for exchanging information with a wide spread of participants. Online meetings have already set new standards of access and efficiency for sharing emerging data and opinion and we hope that ESHRE 2021 will meet those same standards in another outstanding congress.

The Planer booth at ESHRE 2021
This year, the Planer virtual booth features:-

Get in touch with the Planer team
As you can imagine, the team at Planer, will greatly miss this opportunity to see everyone in person and to catch up with our customers, distributors and friends from around the world. But please take a look at our virtual booth and our latest product news and do get in touch with us, if you have any questions. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

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ESHRE Scientific Programme
Precongress courses
Visit the Planer virtual booth (you will need an ESHRE login to access our booth)
Find out more about the range of Planer products featured at ESHRE 2021

Following the recent acquisition by Hamilton Thorne Ltd, of Sydney-based Tek-Event PTE Ltd, we are pleased to announce that the Cell-Tek range of microscope chambers are now available for Planer distributors to market and sell to their customers.

Optimum environment for assessing and handling oocytes and embryos

The Cell-Tek Microscope chambers are designed to provide the optimum environment when assessing and handling oocytes and embryos.

Countless studies have shown that embryo development is compromised by the required temperature and optimum pH of culture media not being maintained. This is of utmost importance from the time of egg collection through to blastocyst stage and final embryo transfer. The Cell-Tek 3000 Microscope Chambers are a milestone in regard to the multiple tasks of egg pick-up, transfer, and assessment in the same chamber.

Good laboratory practice

Cell-Tek chambers are an essential part of good laboratory practice when visually examining, manipulating, transferring or assessing oocytes and embryos for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) by providing:-

  • Stable temperature control throughout the chamber including all internal components
  • Controlled CO2 enriched environment maintaining optimum PH of tissue media
  • VOC removal from circulated air by unique UV photocatalytic module
  • HEPA & Carbon filtered airflow providing a clean room environment
  • Humidification control to 70% RH
  • Purpose-built microscopes configured to give ergonomic observation
  • Programmable instrument height adjustment to quickly suit multiple operators
  • Single fold down touch screen control of all parameters and performance

The microscope chambers help minimise the time oocytes and embryos are outside of optimal conditions which can hinder their development.

Find out more
For further details about the three different models of Cell-Tek range of microscope chambers:-
Cell-Tek 3000 IV microscope chamber for inverted microscopes
Cell-Tek 3000 AS – Dual Microscope Chamber
Cell-Tek 3000

If you would to find out more about the Cell-Tek range of microscope chambers please get in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Smaller gauge needles are becoming the trend for oocyte pick-up as they reduce pain, bleeding and trauma to the patient. But there are other aspects that should be taken into consideration to ensure a successful procedure without damage to the oocytes.

Kitazato’s thin wall design provides a wider inner diameter with the same outer diameter when compared to other brands, this allows oocyte retrieval to be performed with a smaller gauge needle.

Kitazato’s OPU Needles are also developed with a uniform inner diameter which guarantees a continuous aspiration flow, constant pressure and speed. The result is less stress for the oocyte by removing any abrupt change in pressure.

The high-quality steel and original triple cut blade of Kitazato needles decrease the risk of injuries to the uterine lining, minimize pain and improve patient recovery after the ovarian puncture.  

Planer is the UK distributor for Kitazato OPU needles – please get in touch with the Planer Sales Team to find out more.

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Watch video to find out more
Take a look at the Kitazato OPU needle range, distributed by Planer in the UK



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