A stand alone monitoring and alarm system for most situations in the lab - DATAcentre

This economical system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, Oxygen (O2), door status -  and much more.

The system can connect to up to 120 transmitters in total, including a mixture up to 120 wireless sensors but a maximum of only 14 hard wired sensors.

Real time and historical data can be viewed in graphical or text format and alarms can be acknowledged and managed. Optionally the system may be connected directly to a PC or to a LAN port in the building.

  • Features +

    • Wireless transmitter and external sensor on a 4m cable (-45°C to 45°C)
    • A standard PT1000 probe commonly used in refrigerated cases & cold rooms
  • Specification +

    Wireless Temperature Sensor: Range -45°C to 45°C (FTEM02WS104-P & FTEM02WS113-P)

    Wireless Temperature Sensor: Range -45°C to 100°C (FTEM02WS105-P)

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