• CT37stax - Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator

    CT37stax - Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator

    State of art new multi chamber benchtop incubator Read More
  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems

    Alarm and Monitoring Systems

    DATAssure™ – Next generation comprehensive wireless monitoring and alarm system for laboratories. Read More
  • pH and CO2 Alarm and Monitoring

    pH and CO2 Alarm and Monitoring

    PetriSense™ Measure pH/CO2 anywhere and in anything with the latest monitoring innovation from Planer Read More
  • Controlled Rate Freezers

    Controlled Rate Freezers

    Kryo 360 - A medium capacity controlled rate freezer: ideal for laboratories looking to cryopreserve small/medium size batches of biologicals Read More
  • Controlled Rate Freezers

    Controlled Rate Freezers

    Kryo 560-16 - rugged, reliable controlled rate freezers ensure excellent temperature control at all phases of a freezing protocol. Read More
  • Benchtop Incubators

    Benchtop Incubators

    BT37 - A high accuracy bench-top incubator to grow and maintain gametes and embryos in IVF applications. Read More
  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    Range of protection equipment to ensure the safety of people using liquid nitrogen Read More
  • Cryogenic storage vessels

    Cryogenic storage vessels

    Full range of liquid nitrogen storage and transportation solutions Read More
  • Cryofill Universal Touchscreen Controller

    Cryofill Universal Touchscreen Controller

    Universal touchscreen controller for LN2 storage tanks Read More
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Privacy Policy & Cookies

Here at Planer we hope you will find what you are looking for from us and return in the future. Our policy below sets out how we deal with any information we acquire from you and any company you represent in the course of your enquiring about our products and services or doing business with us.

This Privacy Policy forms part of our general terms of use and also covers the Planer plc website accessed at www.Planer.co.uk and www.Planer.com (the "Website"). It describes how we at Planer ("We", "Us", "Our" or "Planer plc") collect and protect and use information we receive from a Website visitor, enquirer or transactor (“You”, “Your”).

The type of Information We might collect
We may collect personal information from You and Your company when you enquire about our products or services, about an event or training session, provide feedback, send an email enquiry, place an order or make other contact in person, by mail or phone. In the course of responding we may ask You for personal information such as Your name, email address, postal address, job title, daytime and/or mobile phone number, and information about Your company and the nature of its business and needs. Data that we collect would normally only be information relating to you as a business contact.

The basis for processing Your data
We process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to post market surveillance for medical devices
  • to provide you with data, services or products where you have provided express consent.
  • and to meet our legitimate interests including the following:
    • liaising and updating You and Your organisation with commercial and technical information
    • improving our products and services
    • communicating information, updates and changes to our specifications
    • planning, manufacturing and fulfilling orders
    • training
    • undertaking background checks for credit worthiness
    • communicating with our distributors, staff and advisors, including service providers and data processors
    • efficiently administrating and supplying products and services
    • fulfilling our contractual obligations, including to third parties, in order to perform a contract which we have or may enter into with You

In the course of providing You and Your company with information, We may update You with emailed or mailed information and news. You and Your company may opt out of receiving such information by selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ option or by sending Us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Confidentiality & Security
We will safeguard the security of any personal information You may provide to Us with physical, electronic and company procedures. Any personal information You provide will be held securely and Your personal or Your company’s information will not be sold or traded to third parties. In some circumstances We may need to disclose Your personal and Your company’s information (i) to a third party providing a product or service You or Your company have requested of Us or relating to an order from Your or Your company, (ii) to a third party providing services to Us, who will though be under a contract of confidentiality to Us covering Your and Your company’s information (iii) to fulfil or comply with a lawful request from a competent court, regulator or other authority, or (iv) if We believe that there has been a violation of Our rights or the rights of any third party.
Territories outside the European Economic Area ("EEA") may not have laws which provide the same level of protection for personal information as those inside the EEA. However, if We process Your personal or Your company’s information via third party service providers based in such territories, We will ensure that the information has the same level of protection as it would in the UK.
Cookies are small pieces of data sent to Your computer when You visit the Website and which can enable Us to collect information about You and Your company. They are stored in the cookie directory of Your hard-drive and do not necessarily expire at the end of Your session although some may be automatically be deleted when You close Your browser. Your browser may be set to allow the creation of cookies, but You can specify that You wish to be prompted before a website puts a cookie on Your hard drive — You can then decide whether to allow it. Alternatively, You can set Your computer not to accept any cookies but this may mean You do not get full functionality from the Website. Information We could collect in these ways may include data about how You use our Website, information about Your computer (including Your IP address and browser type), demographic data and, if You visited Our Website by redirection from a different website, the URL of that website. We may also collect information about Your online activity with us, such as the pages You have viewed. No personal details will be collected.

Links from Our Website to other sites
Our Website may contain links to other third party websites which will not be covered by this Policy, and We are not responsible for their practices.
Social media
Our Website or Our social media may offer You the opportunity to share or follow information We provide using third party social networking functionality. Should You choose to send information via a social network, that information may be collected by that provider, who will not be party to the provisions of this Policy.

Removal of personal information or consent
You have the right in relation to your personal information to request access, correction, restriction or deletion of your personal information and the right to have that personal information transferred to another data controller (including a third party data controller) and to withdraw your consent to our use at any time. Data may still be processed if there remains a legal obligation to process the data, there is an overriding legitimate interest, or if the data need to be maintained for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority which in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office see https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/

Access to Your information and contacting Planer plc
By visiting the Website and or communicating with Us directly or using our social media, You acknowledge that We may process personal information and any company information in the way set out above. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information Planer plc holds about You and in a format that can be easily used, to have any inaccuracies corrected or to have it deleted, all subject to the regulations in the General Data Protection Act, 25 May 2018.
Please address requests, queries or complaint (with a return email address) to:
The IT Team: Data Protection, Planer plc, Windmill Road, Sunbury, Middx, TW16 7HD UK

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Featured Articles

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Latest News

  • Planer to attend Alpha 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland

    Planer to attend Alpha 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland

    This year, the biennial meeting of ALPHA, the international society aimed at advancing the science of clinical embryology around the world, will be taking place in the beautiful city of Reykjavik, Iceland between 17th and 20th May. Planer will be attending the meeting – if you are going, please do come and find out more about our latest range of products.

    Read More
  • Freezing Responses in DMSO Based Cryopreservation of Human iPS

    Freezing Responses in DMSO Based Cryopreservation of Human iPS

    A study on these freezing responses, relating to aggregates versus single cells, has just been published in Tissue Engineering (on-line February 2018) by Rui Li, Guanglin Yu (pictured here) and others working with Prof Allison Hubel's team at the Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota. Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are multicellular aggregates attracting much interest in tissue

    Read More
  • The first frozen embryo baby

    The first frozen embryo baby

    On the 34th anniversary of the birth of the first baby from a frozen embryo, the BBC World Service broadcast an interview with Alan Trounson the pioneer doctor who undertook the procedure. Zoe Leyland was born in Melbourne, Australia on 28th March 1984, helped on her way by Drs Trounson and Wood who made medical history. The decision to try

    Read More
  • AVA Clinic, Latvia, chooses Planer low oxygen alarm system

    AVA Clinic, Latvia, chooses Planer low oxygen alarm system

    The AVA Clinic in Latvia was opened in 2005. The experienced team get high infertility treatment results, and as they adhere strictly to ISO 9001:2008 , the same rigour must apply to safety in their cryo store - which is why they chose our O2NE+ low oxygen alarm system. In the unlikely event that there were to be a leak in the

    Read More
  • Managing risks in cryogenic storage

    Managing risks in cryogenic storage

    Over the last year or so there have been reports in the press on problems with samples stored in liquid nitrogen. Cryo storage is such a reliable method that it is often taken for granted - equipment is generally very robust and supply of liquid nitrogen, LN2, is typically very reliable. Patients as well as new entrants to the field are

    Read More
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