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A high accuracy bench-top incubator to grow and maintain gametes and embryos in IVF applications – BT37

The incubator will keep cells at optimal temperature, humidity and gas content by maintaining a constant and clean environment.

It has extremely accurate  temperature control, systems for pH stability and regulated humidity.

Accuracy and control of a chamber to obtain environmental homeostasis is important in cell development. The BT 37 bench-top incubator is the most accurate of its kind, helping to ensure an embryo suffers little or no exposure to temperature or pH level changes.


  • Excellent control and accuracy of pH, temperature, and humidity
  • Holds large range of culture dishes
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Alarm system
  • Secure gas flow
  • Sample-specific chambers
  • Compact, space-efficient
  • Network ready
  • Password protected
  • Remote Monitoring ports
  • Multiple machines can be connected


Gas supply Premixed gas. Typically 6% CO2, 5% O2, balance N2
Supply pressure 1.5 ± 0.15 bar
Connectors SWAGELOK 1/4” tube fitting


You need to get a premix gas bottle with a Swagelok 1/4" Male fitting.
Our hose is supplied with a 1/4" female nut.

  • Rapid response to temperature changes
  • Clear, unambiguous status indicators visible from across the lab
  • Multiple machines can be connected in series
  • Network ready to allow continuous monitoring
  • Fast recovery of all parameters after lid opening
  • Warmed tube guide helps avoid condensation
  • Built-in battery backup for up to 2 hours
  • Tube guides reduce risk of ‘kinked’ tubes
  • Password protection - no unauthorized modification of operating parameters


This equipment has excellent control and accuracy for pH, temperature, and humidity. Its compact size allows placement anywhere in a lab including flow cabinets and chambers and it can hold a large range of culture dishes, with different samples separated by chamber.

  • Full-contact heating plates for excellent heat distribution
  • Gas purge system ensures fast recovery after lid opening; secure gas flow
  • Water level & gas flow visual indicator; gas flow system visible from across a lab
  • Easy to use 2 line display with 3 button user interface
  • Set-points for each chamber : set independently
  • Tightly packed, full-surface heating elements:  stable environment from heated base and lid
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Warmed tube guide : helps avoid condensation


  • Advanced alarm system; external alarm contact
  • Remote monitoring:  6 monitoring ports for external probes / calibration
  • Ethernet access
  • Independent PRT ports for lid and base unit
  • Dual cooling fans remove excess heat
  • 10 Base T Ethernet (RJ 45); Modbus - TCP/IP protocol
  • Continuous pulse & bleed options optimises culture conditions, reduces gas use.
  • Password protection - no unauthorized modification /no accidental “switch-off

The BT 37 bench-top incubator is the most accurate of its kind and useful wherever accuracy and control of a cell culturing environment is needed.

  • IVF and ART
  • Human embryology research
  • Animal IVF
  • Zoological research
  • Mouse embryo research


BT37 - Benchtops versus “Big-Box” Incubators in IVF (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 59KB)

BT37 - Prospective randomized study on BT37 efficiency (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 25KB)

Case Study - Fertility unit looks for highest incubator accuracy (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 60KB)

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