• New Petri dish pH sensor

    Measure CO2/pH anywhere & in anything with the latest monitoring innovation from Planer. This new sensor provides accurate measurements in benchtops, environmental chambers & large incubators. Read More
  • Freezer control software, DeltaTv7

    DeltaT v7 allows users to deploy one profile to several freezers. This means large sample numbers can be deposited in different machines with the subsequent freezing profile for all samples being displayed on the same graph. Read More
  • Sample Tracking Software

    An off the shelf solution that can quickly be tailored to the unique needs of your laboratory, Pro-Curo is an intuitive software package to help you manage your samples. Read More
  • Monitoring/Alarm system, DATAcentre

    A stand alone monitoring and alarm system for most situations in the lab - DATAcentre This economical system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, Oxygen (O2), door status - and much more. Read More
  • Bench Top Incubator, BT37

    A high accuracy bench-top incubator to grow and maintain gametes and embryos in IVF applications – BT37. Read More
  • Controlled rate freezer, Kryo 560-16

    These rugged, reliable controlled rate freezers give optimum viability and ensure excellent temperature control at all phases of a freezing protocol. Read More
  • Wireless Dewar Monitoring

    Ensuring that your samples are stored at the right temperature within your dewars has always been important but with the introduction of new legislation, such as the Human Tissue Act and the EU Tissue Directive, this is now essential. Read More
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Helping scientists & the medical profession look after cells

For over forty years, we have been helping hospitals, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and the IVF industry with the safe storage and preservation of medical and biological specimens.

We work closely with scientists and the medical profession to understand their requirements and to develop and source high quality, reliable equipment that conforms to ISO and Medical Device standards and, where appropriate, assist with compliance including 21 CFR Pt 11.


We specialise in providing:

So, if you feel we can help, please do get in touch.


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Latest News

  • Tendon decellularization

    Decellularized tissues represent the ideal natural scaffold for many research applications in tissue science. They also hold great promise as possible transplants for medical applications. Decellularization of tissues can be performed using physical, chemical and enzymatic methods but to achieve good results on the removal of cells and the conservation of the extracellular matrix, a combination of techniques needs to

    Read More
  • Cryopreservation of human cartilage allografts

    A new article by Dr Alasdair Kay et al in Cryobiology has just been published. The paper gives the results of Dr Kay's investigations taking a liquidus tracking approach to the cryopreservation of human cartilage allografts. He used our special slow vitrifier - Liquidus Tracker - controlling both the temperature and the concentration of cryoprotectant so that the solution composition "tracked" the

    Read More
  • News in Ovarian Tissue Freezing

    The news that a 27 year old woman in Belgium was the first ever to give birth to a baby using her own pre-adult frozen ovarian tissue, has caused interest around the world. The woman in Belgium was the first ever to give birth to a baby using her own pre-adult frozen ovarian tissue and the procedure may become increasingly

    Read More
  • What is virtual pH?

    pH remains an unforgiving biological parameter which is difficult and expensive to measure in established culture systems. The new Petri dish pH sensor provide a flexible and cost effective option to determining both CO2 and pH – find out how it works. A new way to measure pH/CO2 anywhere, and in anything. The new Petri dish pH sensor from Planer allows

    Read More
  • Dr Stephen Troupe presents “ISO 15189 – A survivors guide” at recent ABA conference

    Dr Stephen Troup, Scientific Director of the Hewitt Fertility Centres, gave an interesting presentation at the recent Association of Biomedical Andrologists' conference in Leeds - “ISO 15189 – A survivors guide”. In it he illustrated his first hand experiences of the difficulties - and subsequent benefits - of attaining this high level of accreditation for his labs. Steve thought that progression from Clinical Pathology

    Read More
  • Incubators in the Reproduction Clinic Osaka

    The state of the aging population in Japan, and indeed in many parts of Europe, is well known. In 2011, a Japanese government report suggested that the Japanese population, which peaked in 2004, will decrease in the next 100 years to the same level it was as 100 years ago, going down by approximately 33 million to 95.2 million in

    Read More
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