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pH Monitoring

Monitoring of pH in Incubators - Continuous monitoring and logging of environmental pH in the life science lab.

Good value   l   Low maintenance   l   Clean

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ReAssure - Next Generation Monitoring

The new ReAssure monitoring solution offers users simplicity combined with sophistication. Scalable from one up to a thousand sensors - ReAssure offers users intuitive access to real time monitoring data through a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

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Pro-Curo is the new, off the shelf sample tracking & management solution offered to you by Planer! The software package is designed to be quick, easy and intuitive to use. No intense training is required to use the software.

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A stand alone monitoring and alarm system for most situations in the lab - DATAcentre

This economical system can monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, liquid nitrogen level, Oxygen (O2), door status -  and much more.

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Kryo 750

An integrated controlled rate freezer for cryopreservation of larger volume samples or samples in larger numbers - Kryo 750

The controlled rate freezer is designed for freezing of samples in bags, vials and straws.

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What We Do at Planer


Our controlled rate cryo freezers, incubators and loggers are used worldwide in IVF, veterinary research and cell laboratories. We supply a range of monitoring, alarm and measurement equipment for research and hospital labs and are there wherever precise cell culture and preservation is important - embryos, cord blood, bone marrow, oocytes, botanical matter, semen, skin, ovarian tissue, heart valves, blood vessels and more.

Our range of incubators include high precision bench-tops with controlPlanerled temperature, humidity and atmosphere. They provide the accuracy needed in cell and embryo work in the ART, pharmaceutical and genetic research fields.

There are many thousands of our controlled rate liquid nitrogen freezers - used for freezing biological samples prior to storage - in daily use around the world. Our continuing search for increased cell viability has lead us to produce many new machines over the forty years since we started. The latest is the liquidus tracking equipment for researchers in the area of controlled vitrification - for cartilage, ovarian tissue and larger samples.

Liquidus TrackerIncreasingly necessary for both accuracy and compliance, logging, alarms and monitoring systems for checking parameters like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, particle count are an expanding part of our product line up: the DATACentre wireless monitor, the ReAssure system which includes pH and CO2 logging and monitoring and compliant storage and reporting.

We also offer liquid nitrogen storage vessels, gas monitors, oxygen depletion alarms, LN2 and CO2 measuring devices and consumables such as blood bags typically needed in tissue, bone marrow, stem cells or cord blood laboratories. Our ShipsLog cryogenic data logger is used around the world to log temperatures in dry shipper transport when frozen samples are transported. Software including location and tracking Our software suites - for logging, location and inventory complete our offer.

For over forty years we - with our Distributors around the world - have helped researchers, practitioners and doctors achieve their targets, goals and breakthroughs in biology, medicine and industry. So, if you feel we can help you please get in touch


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